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The Great Cloud of Witnesses

St. Eugene de Mazenod Read more

St. Eugene de Mazenod

St. Eugene de Mazenod (1782-1861) was born in southern France to a noble family. When he was eight years of age his family was forced to flee the turmoil of the French Revolution and seek political asylum in Italy. Leaving their possessions behind, the family struggled financially as they relocated from city to city. A sympathetic priest took it upon himself to educate Eugene and stir in him a...
Fr. Lawrence Jagdfeld, O.F.M. 24
St. Lydia Purpuraria Read more

St. Lydia Purpuraria

Saint Lydia holds the distinction of being St. Paul’s first convert. She is mentioned in chapter sixteen of The Acts of the Apostles. “We set sail from Troas, making a straight run for Samothrace, and on the next day to Neapolis, and from there to Philippi, a leading city in that district of Macedonia and a Roman colony. We spent some time in that city. On the sabbath we went...
Fr. Lawrence Jagdfeld, O.F.M. 47
St. Ivo (Ives) of Kermartin Read more

St. Ivo (Ives) of Kermartin

St. Ivo of Kermartin (1253–1303) was born to a noble family in Brittany, France. He studied civil and canon law, philosophy, and theology. He went on to practice law for many years in both the civil and ecclesiastical courts. He graciously defended the poor without charge, and visited them in prison as they awaited trial. He also worked to settle matters out of court to save litigants...
Fr. Lawrence Jagdfeld, O.F.M. 30
Pope St. John I Read more

Pope St. John I

St. John I was Pope from 523-526.  He was very frail when he was elected to the papacy. Despite his protests, Pope John was sent by the Arian King Theoderic the Great—ruler of the Ostrogoths, a kingdom in present-day Italy—to Constantinople to secure a moderation of a decree against the Arians, issued in 523, of Emperor Justin, ruler of the Byzantine, or East Roman, Empire....
Fr. Lawrence Jagdfeld, O.F.M. 37
St. Giulia Salzano Read more

St. Giulia Salzano

Saint Giulia Salzano (October 13, 1846 - May 17, 1929) was the founder of the Congregation of the Catechetical Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in 1905. She was raised and educated by the Sisters of Charity in the Royal Orphanage of Saint Nicola La Strada until the age of fifteen. She was a school teacher and catechist in Casoria, Naples, and a friend and co-worker with Saint Caterina...
Fr. Lawrence Jagdfeld, O.F.M. 34
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