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The Great Cloud of Witnesses

St. Francesco Saverio Maria Bianchi Read more

St. Francesco Saverio Maria Bianchi

Francis Xavier Mary Bianchi (Italian: Francesco Saverio Maria Bianchi; (December 2, 1743 – January 31, 1815), was an Italian Barnabite priest and noted scholar, who also gained a reputation for sanctity during his lifetime from both his commitment to his students and to the poor of Naples. He has been proclaimed a saint by the Catholic Church and declared the Apostle of the city.

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St. Hyacinth of Mariscotti Read more

St. Hyacinth of Mariscotti

St. Hyacinth accepted God’s standards somewhat late in life. Born of a noble family near Viterbo, she entered a local convent of sisters who followed the Third Order Rule. However, she supplied herself with enough food, clothing, and other goods to live a very comfortable life amid these sisters pledged to mortification. A serious illness required that Hyacinth’s confessor bring...
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St. Aquilinus of Milan Read more

St. Aquilinus of Milan

St. Aquilinus of Milan (d. 1015 A.D.), also known as St. Aquilinus of Cologne, was born to a noble family in Bavaria, Germany. He received his education in Cologne, Germany and was ordained to the priesthood. He was offered the bishopric of Cologne, but turned it down in order to be a missionary priest and itinerant preacher. He traveled through various European cities fighting against the...
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Saint Julian of Cuenca Read more

Saint Julian of Cuenca

Saint Julian of Cuenca Julián of Cuenca (c. 1127 – 28 January 1208), also known as Saint Julián, was a Spanish Roman Catholic prelate who served as the Bishop of Cuenca from 1196 until his death. He also served as a professor and preacher in addition to being a simple hermit. He became a bishop after the Moors were driven from Cuenca and he made pastoral visits to the people in his...
Fr. Lawrence Jagdfeld, O.F.M. 37
St. Angela Merici Read more

St. Angela Merici

St. Angela Merici (1474 – 1540) was born in the region of Lombardy, Italy. Her deep piety drew her to make a private vow of virginity at a young age. Her parents died when she was ten, and soon afterwards she lost her sister with whom she was very close. Angela went to live with her uncle, and, despite lacking a formal education, she grew in wisdom and virtue. She committed herself to...
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