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A Lenten Moment

The English word Lent comes to us from the German "Der Lenz," which is translated "Spring" or "Springtime." It is a convenient way to think of Lent in the northern hemisphere as Easter falls in the early spring.  However, in the southern hemisphere, the same cannot be said. Notwithstanding, I found the following a helpful meditation on Lent.

Spring occupies a very important place in the life of the tiller of the soil; as far as humans are concerned, spring decides what the crop will be. Similarly in the life of grace, Lent holds an almost decisive position. The more carefully we put away the deeds of winter, the "dead" deeds, the deeper we plow in order that the new seed may find a well-prepared soil enriched with the good deeds of fasting and prayer, the more shall we enjoy the vigorous plants that will spring up and the abundance of the harvest.

- Therese Mueller

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