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A Prayer for Mercy
Fr. Lawrence Jagdfeld, O.F.M.
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A Prayer for Mercy

A Lenten Moment

Serapion of Thmuis him was a fourth century monk and, later, bishop in Egypt.  He is regarded as a saint by the Eastern Orthodox Church. With St. Athanasius of Alexandria, he is remembered for fighting against Arianism.

He is quoted in several works of the Desert Fathers and he is responsible for the following prayer which could be used profitably during Lent.

We kneel to you, you who are uncreated and eternal. Hold out your hand to us and help us to our feet. Yes, all merciful God, pull us upward. Give us the courage to stand up without shame or guilt. Revoke the death sentence against us and write our names in the book of life with all your holy prophets and apostles.

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