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Beginning Anew
Fr. Lawrence Jagdfeld, O.F.M.
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Beginning Anew

April 9

At the end of my tenure as administrator of CUSA, my nephew created a new website for me so that I could continue posting my homilies, a daily journal of personal prayer, and the stories of the saints who comprise the “Great Cloud Of Witnesses” for us. (Letter to the Hebrews 12:1b) I also asked him to include a blog spot. Up until now my blogging has consisted of simply posting my homilies. However, I wanted to do something different on this website. I have posted a couple of other blogs, but I have not been consistent up to this point. However, starting today, April 9, I will renew my efforts to share with you some humor, some reflections on our daily lives, and on the world in which we find ourselves.

For years I have been a subscriber of something called “The Joyful Noiseletter.” The title of the newsletter comes from Psalms 98 and 100 in which we are urged to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. I always look forward to the next issue of this newsletter because it is full of comments, articles, and cartoons that all endeavor to make one smile. The truly wonderful thing about this newsletter is that subscribers are allowed to publish any of its contents as long as they recognize where it has come from. The editors encourage pastors and administrators to use this material in their parish bulletins, their own newsletters, and any other publications with which they might be involved. I look forward to sharing some of the content with you.

I also wanted a vehicle through which I could share my thoughts with you. Unfortunately, I have recently experienced a loss of strength and feeling in my right hand and arm which, in my case, is my dominant side. I no longer have perfect Palmer penmanship and find it difficult even to write out a check. This has seriously inhibited my letter writing and my ability to send cards. So I am turning to my computer in the hopes that I will be able to share a little humor and a little light with my friends and family.

I am indebted to my nephew for his work on this website and to my youngest brother, Tim, who has helped in finding me voice recognition software that allows me simply to dictate to the computer screen and watch it become text. I hope that there will be many opportunities for me in the near future to continue with this blog and to share with you moments of joy and humor. Check out my website at

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